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Beauty Boy. Harvard MD Mom. Foodie. Travelista. Curl Queens. With strong engagement and niche content, The Presley Group has compiled THE list of rising influencers of color to collaborate with and follow in 2019...

Kia Marie

@thenotoriouskia| 76k followers

Based in New York City, @thenotoriouskia’s Instagram page is the perfect assortment of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. While donning some of the most bold fashion wear we’ve seen on social media, many of @thenotoriouskia’s photos are taken against unforgettable backdrops in New York City (one of our personal favorites is the Notorious B.I.G. mural).

Tavaris Jefferson

@varijstylez | 26k followers

Vari J. is our favorite beauty boy right now. His signature is flawless foundation and an immaculately-blended beat that skews more natural. Vari J. is a breath of fresh air to the beauty space which has recently been riddled with racial controversy and very little diversity. Beauty brands would be wise to collab with more male influencers of color and we see Vari J. as the top choice.

Hermela Solomon

@hermela | 117k followers

Habesha influencer Hermela Solomon gives her audience everything from a glimpse into her long-distance marriage to healthy meal prep tips. Based in our nation’s capital, she also gives us major hair inspo on her outings throughout the district. Follow her YouTube videos for some fun and informative tutorials.

Josh Moore

@josheatsphilly | 8k followers

From chicken and waffle cupcakes to cranberry gingersnap donuts, @joshearsphilly highlights some of the most unique dishes served around the world. The food and beverage industry is the 3rd biggest spender of influencer marketing initiatives in the country. How often do we see influencers of color partnering with food and beverage companies? Not often enough.

Courtney Danielle

@curlsandcouture | 92k followers

This New York City-based influencer is beauty and hair goals. In addition to her beautifully curated feed, she is also an advocate for women. Courtney is co-founder of Black Girl Fly Mag which amplifies the voice of black millennial women. We love how effortlessly she combines style and substance.

Laura Scott

@lauralacquer | 114k followers

Laura Scott is the perfect poster child for working moms across the world. She’s not only a Harvard School of Medicine graduate and dermatology resident but also mother of three young children. Her Instagram feed takes followers through her motherhood and career journey with style and grace.

Francesca Murray

@onegrloneworld | 23k followers

Every single post on @onegrloneworld’s Instagram looks like a photograph taken out of the pages of Travel and Leisure or National Geographic. From Maine to Martinique, @onegrloneworld showcases an array of destinations from across the world. Travel is the 6th biggest spender for influencer marketing initiatives and Instagram has become the preferred hub for travel influencers. Any travel brands looking to partner with a travel influencer would be lucky to have @onegrloneworld.